T-8 Days and Counting

In-Service officially starts up for us next week Tuesday. Since my wife is at work all week, and my daughter Kira is off on an adventure in New Mexico, I find myself sitting at work, getting ready for work.

Lesson planning for the first few days of school is always exciting and daunting. Exciting to get a new, fresh start. Daunting since those first few days are so important. I feel the pressure of setting a tone. “This is how things are going to work this year!”

It has to be flawless out of the gate. Checking and double checking everything. Making sure everything is set. Its extra exciting/daunting with a new prep as well.

Any way, enough of that. Here are a few things that I have been watching this morning, trying to get ready to go.

I love this discussion by Feynman on the Scientific Method. Its humor filled, and on the money. Which of course basically describes Feynman to a T.

Over the summer I tend to fall behind on my Smarter Every Day watching, so here is a great video set from Destin and also from Veritasium about toilet bowl flushing.

I love it when Destin says,”It’s never been done on the internet. You’re gonna learn something!”


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