Last Day with Seniors!

Back in June of 1998, I was sitting in one of my last classes as a senior in high school. I don’t remember how, but I won a bottle of bubble solution. In a moment that was not very typical of my personality, I proceeded to blow bubble everywhere I went, for the rest of the day.

Later that day I went to my Engineering Drafting class. This class was taught by an ex-Airborne Ranger, who was a great guy, but not always tolerant of odd behavior.

“What are you doing,” he asked, puzzled by the bubbles.

“Blowing bubbles,” I said, obviously.


“Because I am 18, graduating high school, and I can.”

This got me yet another odd look. This type of answer was a little defiant for me, but I was feeling good about my last day of school. The teacher thought about it for a second.

“Understood. Carry on,” he told me and walked away.

So I told this little story WEEKS ago in Physics class when we started talking about wrapping up high school. It was just a little, funny story about my past, that I like to share with the kids.

2nd hour today, one of my seniors who wrapped things up early, was standing outside my door, blowing bubbles at the door. I stopped lecturing, and just laughed. I walked over to the door, and said:

“Because you can, right?”


Cool moment.

But then Physics rolled around, and this happened:

photo1 (1)

They all had the bubbles waiting for me. the seniors planned it, one kid brought them in. Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t get teary-eyed, emotional, easily, but this picture really hits me hard. What a great group of kids. I’m going to miss this bunch.


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