Day 55

Today the kids collected data using the double lens technique to graph the do and di for a diverging lens. The goal here is to see if the thin lens equation still fits, and if there are any differences between the results of a converging and diverging lens.

I spoke at length about this technique yesterday, but here is a document i dug up in my files, that talks about it at length.

The initial results look pretty good. I will post some of the results tomorrow after we look at them in class.

I also plan on having the kids go back and solve those double lens problems they got late last week. Since they had to look at them before learning how a double lens system works, I want them to go back and look at their old methods and compare it to how they should be done. We will look at those later this week too.

Bonus Stuff:

This is for my chemistry students, who were slightly confused yesterday when I declared that not only are metals a better conductor of thermal energy than water, but that it was as much a fact as bears eating beets.

Also, it has been a while since I posted something from Smarter Every Day. this video is just to awesome.


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