Day 50

Tuesday, November 11

Physical Science: Today kids worked in groups to answer post-lab questions for the double beaker lab. The questions are really just guiding questions. I will probe for deeper understanding when they present their results. I like this activity because it gets kids thinking about the role of energy in phase changes, behaviors of matter, and also forces them to supply evidence for their conclusions or hypotheses.

By the end of the hour kids were preparing white boards for tomorrows presentations.

Chemistry: Today’s class was shortened due to our Veteran’s Day program. We did get white boards of the Icy Hot Lab prepared, and we shared in a small group presentations, with 3 out of the 4 other groups in class. Findings were all pretty much the same:

The one thing that nobody really mentions or even thinks about is what is happening at those plateau’s.

“Is energy being constantly added to the system?”


“Well then why isn’t the temperature changing at those flat spots? We’re adding energy, shouldn’t the particles be moving faster?”

Most will guess (as will my Freshmen in their lab discussion tomorrow) that the ice keeps the water cool and from changing. Of course, this is logical, but incorrect. What about at the high end? nothing is keeping the water “cool,” so why isn’t it changing? That is the big question to answer today.

We also need to look at what kids have for particle diagrams at these stages. I took this picture out of a notebook yesterday that I plan on sharing in class tomorrow:

photo (1)

Physics of Light: Kids took the Lens Action Quiz today.


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