Day 49

Monday, November 10

Physical Science: Today we started a new unit on States of Matter and their properties/behaviors. To get us going we do a lab called the “Double Beaker Lab.” Here is a picture of the setup.


One beaker is on the hot plate, and another is suspended above it. There are all sorts of goodies to talk about with this. The kids have to add either water or ice to the beakers, and then slowly heat them up until I call time. They measure the temperature every minute for both beakers. Every 3 minutes they have to make a set of observation. Tomorrow they will work on some post-lab questions.

Chemistry: Today they did a lab called the “Icy Hot Lab.” This ties into the question from the end of class Friday. It really is not at all different from the above set up, but we use a large beaker of ice and digital temperature probes. Tonight they are making graphs, and answering a few short questions.

Physics of Light: Today they had to complete their Post-Lab challenge. Most groups went with the quickest method over the most accurate method. The quickest is to just set up a real image and take the do and di and the lens equation to find “f.” The most accurate method is to collect several points, make the graph, and analyze it. The graph method also makes short work of finding do and di for M=3 if you use the graph method I discussed in the last post.

Groups were successful to varying degrees. most did not use the method we developed in lab, which is the most accurate method. A lot of groups just took one data point, used the thin lens equation, and called it good. 1 data point does not always work, it’s pretty hit or miss. Graphing several data points and using LoggerPro was the best way to go about this. plus, they could have used the graphical method to find the do and di for the Magnification. But most just did the algebra.


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