Day 46

Physical Science: Today the students got the Unit 2 Review. We will be reviewing states of matter and properties tomorrow.

Chemistry: We quickly discussed the Chem Review and will continue tomorrow.

Physics of Light: Students finished making graphs and analyzed them. The double inverse relationship threw some kids for a loop, but hey, it works! The interesting part is if they can figure out what the y-intercept is all about. In the lab we collected data for two lenses (H and B) and then data for when the lenses are combined (HB). The graphs show, and the kids saw, that the individual y-intercepts can be added to make the third. That was one part of the problem. Of course, understanding that those y-intercepts are not random values, and that if we inverted everything to make the graph, maybe they should “undo” the y-intercept. Some kids thought of it, not sure about the others. Plus, why is that slope so close to -1? Hmmmm.

All of that will hopefully be answered in the next couple of class periods. Oh, and for some reason we completely ignored the image size during lab! AHHHHHH! How will we ever figure out the relationship between image and object size? Oh I know. But I’m not sharing until next time.

Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel!


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