Day 43

This is for Thursday, October 30.

Physical Science: We did a lab to measure the mass and volume of water. This is a basic density lab, but its a nice way to get kids back into lab and taking some measurements. Plus I like these simple activities for freshmen, since it gives them a chance to see HOW we figure these relationships out.

Chemistry: We spent all hour talking about and working on gas law related problems. Now these are not the Ideal Gas Law type problems, but rather using the Combined Gas Law to look at how changing 1 or more variables has an affect on one of the others. I gave several examples to the kids, and also included review of standard temperature and pressure, along with unit conversions.

Physics of Light: We further looked into relationships between object and image placements, as well as relative sizes of the image by discussing the Converging Lens Pre-Lab. We expanded our findings out to 3F this time, and were able to be more specific since we had actual data. There was some debate about 3F and image size, so we went into the lab to look at what we all would get. The symmetry or geometry of the lenses really started to stand out from this.

We used the last 15 minutes of class to play the Lens Game. This is a game I made on the SMARTBoard where I challenge kids by placing an object or image arrow somewhere in the lens system, and they have to place the other in the right place, with the right orientation, to the right relative size. They don’t get notes. It’s just a fun way to end the hour and get kids thinking about all they have learned.


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