Day 36

I was not at work today, I was at home under the weather. As for my classes, they were fine. I had to go to the emergency back up plans, as 1) I had PT conference last night, and 2) my illness was coming on fast and severe.

Physical Science: I asked a question on our last exam that had students identify the independent and dependent variables from an experiment performed on Mythbuster. It came from the exploding house video. They watched that episode today, and then I plan on discussing it with them when we go over the exam tomorrow.

Chemistry: They also got Mythbusters, but this time “Explosive Decompression,” as we are talking about gas pressure at the moment.

Physics of Light: If you read Day 35, then you know how class ended yesterday. As I had constructed the handout to let them self-discover, I just had my sub cut them loose, and figure out what was going on, and for their own definition of Real Image.

Happy Teacher: I had two different subs today. The one who was in for me in the afternoon said, “I can’t believe they pay you to teach those classes.”

“Why,” I asked.

“I’m talking about your AP Chemistry and Physics classes. I read them the directions, and off they went to work for 45 minutes. Those Physics kids we busy and on task the whole time, and I didn’t have to do anything.”

I’m not gonna lie. I have some awesome students.


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