Day 32

There is a commercial on the radio that is for tornado awareness, but it starts out with the narrator saying, “First you go to a meeting. Then you go to another meeting, and another. You wonder how does anyone get any work done with all these meetings?” The last week sort of feels like that commercial. Of course, we also have 50 mph winds here today too…

Physical Science: 2/3 classes took the Unit 1 Exam today. The other missed again for ACT Aspire testing. It was the science test today. It looked interesting.

Chemistry: The theme of the day is testing I guess. Most of the class was gone since the juniors were taking the PSAT today. The 6 kids left worked on the assignment for tomorrow.

Physics of Light: Lab challenge number 2. Based on the diagram below, find 3 places you can put a target and hit it. At least one ray must come from the triangle.

The blocks are made of acrylic, which has an index of refraction of 1.49. In order to aid in seeing that the laser is on target at the start, I put a glass stir rod in front of the beam. This acts as a splitter, and creates a vertical line of light, that you can see going along the drawn ray. The rest is up to me making sure that the blocks are in the right spots.

Sorry there are so many pics, but the kids were pretty excited about how they did, so I just had to post them all. Overall this is the most successful my kids have been with this challenge ever. Tomorrow they finally get to (that’s funny right there) take the quiz on this current part of our Particle Model of Light.


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