Day 28


Physical Science: We had the ACT Aspire with the freshmen, so I only had one class. They took a quiz.

Chemistry: I never saw them since I was proctoring the ACT Aspire. They watched a video today.

Physics of Light: They helped me get ready for…

3rd Grade Science Lesson: So today was the fateful day that my daughter’s 3rd grade class came up to learn more about forces and motion. They have basically learned that Unbalanced Forces make things change motion, and balanced forces acting on an object will not change the objects motion.

So I set out to teach them about how this happens because objects are inherently lazy. They either don’t want to start moving, or don’t want to stop.

So I opened talking about Isaac Newton and how an apple falling form a tree inspired him to investigate motion and forces, and in the process revolutionize science for over 200 years. Good story.

Then we reviewed balanced v. unbalanced forces by watching a high speed car crash involving Wolverine of the X-Men. Hey, he’s got an adamantium skeleton, he’ll be okay.

Then we further discussed this idea that things don’t want to change what they are doing, and I did a bunch of demos for them, discussing them along the way.

– Pulled paper out from under a beaker of water.

– showed them a Hover puck and h ow it keeps moving in a straight line at the same speed.

– Egg Drop into a beaker after hitting cardboard out from underneath it.

– Spinning eggs

Oh the spinning egg. Maybe you’ve heard this one: you spin a raw egg, and tap it to stop it, but once you lift your finger it starts spinning again. A HARD BOILED egg will just stop. So we talked about the spinning fluid on the inside of the raw egg, and how it keeps moving because the unbalanced force that stops the egg is only on the shell.

Well, you can talk and talk all you want, but an 8-year old wants to know that the egg is raw or hard boiled. So I was quizzing them on what we were talking about, and how to tell which egg was raw, when I thought to myself, instead of just popping open the raw egg lets smash the hard boiled egg against my head.

Flash back to last night: my wife says to me, “I’ll cook your egg, you don’t know how to do it any ways.”

Back to today. I take the egg that most kids think is hard boiled, and out of the blue smack it against my head…


Egg yolk all over my face, hair, clothes, the wall behind me. BOOM!

It was soft boiled…

An hour later I called my wife at work.

“So you know I did that science thing today.”


“So I did the egg thing too.”

“Did it work.”

“Sure did. But of course I had to show them that the one egg was hard boiled, so I had some fun and smashed it against my head.”



“I ate the other two for lunch, and they were soft boiled! Was yours cooked?”



It’s okay. Only me, the 19-3rd graders, their teacher, the superintendent, and her video camera saw it all. Me, literally, with egg all over my face.

But it went well, and in the end we came up with Newton’s 1st Law of Motion and the concept of Inertia.


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