Day 24

Back to the current day.

Physical Science: So today we spent time peer reviewing our first attempt at making and analyzing data from a graph. After spending all of yesterday discussing how to do these things, I assigned them the remainder of the Wingspan v. Height Activity from Wednesday. This is the first time I did a peer-review for this assignment. Basically I asked them to compare graphs, and discuss what a well done graph should look like, and what it should have.

Then they were to look at how each person found the slope and y-intercept, and then discuss if their answers made sense. After this, I had one-to-one conferences with each group to see what they came up with. It was much better than I had anticipated. Something is certainly changing in middle school, as the kids are getting better at dealing with graphs then they were even 3-4 years ago. There was very little to clean up.

Chemistry: Kids took the Unit 1 Exam. This will keep me busy this weekend.

Physics of Light: So after the rushed end of the hour yesterday, I was planning on spending some time re-discussing the lab conclusion for students, then slowly walking them through an example, before sending them off to work on practice for the weekend.

Well a fire drill/evacuation drill took care of that plan. We had to evacuate to our off campus sites, to practice in case we had an actual fire or other evacuation type scenario. By the time we got back to class, we had 15 minutes. The kids thankfully got right down to business, and I quickly went through the practice problems so they could get started on them. Monday is going to be serious triage, but it should lead to some really good discussions. I would much rather sort out issues with our new model (Snell’s Law) in a white boarding session, then to simply sit on stage and lecture.

Bonus: With my football talk from yesterday, I just had to post this MinutePhysics video. Happy Friday.


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