Day 23

I know, its a day late. Still, I had good reason: watching my beloved Green Bay Packers put the hurt on the Minnesota Vikings. I grew up in Rochester, MN, but my family is all from the Fox Valley area of WI. So I grew up Green and Gold in the land of Purple. Viking-Packers is bigger to me than Packers-Bears. Oh, and the Bears still…

Physical Science: Today was all about teaching kids how to set up graphs and analyze them. I talk about the differences between doing this purely for the math, and show them what graphs mean for the scientist. We discuss important differences (for the love of pete, don’t put a break on your axis!) and how to find slope, y-intercept, and how to interpret these values to give the experiment meaning.

Every year when I head up this discussion with Freshmen, I put myself in the shoes of many of my students. This class is required, and when I was in 9th grade, I couldn’t have done this kind of stuff(glad no one ever asked me to.) I try to keep as much of the math-speak out of it, and put it in language that isn’t as intimidating. I failed at this miserably for years, but finally the “is this math or science class” stuff stopped. So I think I finally found the right way to go with it.

Chemistry: This was all review for tomorrows exam. Fingers crossed.

Physics of Light: We white boarded results of our Bendy Light Lab. It was not the greatest discussion of all time, as this lab requires a lot of hand holding in order to get them to go from their original graph, to a convincing arguement to create the sin y v. sin x graph. We also got rushed at the end of the hour, and we did not get to summarize things up as neatly as I would have liked.


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