Day 12

Physical Science: We discussed the struggles with the Viscosity Challenge, and reviewed how to construct a Claim-Evidence-Reasoning statement. Then we took our first quiz of the year. Despite some struggles with other questions, almost everyone nailed their C-E-R statement! Pretty excited about that. Now if we can just take our own lab data and do it next time. Then we’d be on to something.

Chemistry: We started talking about Uncertainty, accuracy, and precision of measurements, which means one thing: significant figures. After only a couple of examples and questions, students were able to devise one of the math models for sig figs; the rule regarding multiplying and dividing.

This got me thinking. I wonder if you could give kids a set of worked out problems, and have them figure out the rules on their own. Sort of like a puzzle. Figure out the model. You could do this for the rule of zeroes too. I know what I’m doing next year.

Physics of Light: It was pinhole camera day. I didn’t get into a lot of information before hand, as these kids all did the activity as 8th graders during “Boot Camp” day, as like to call it.

Sadly I didn’t have time for a picture of multiple pinholes, but maybe I’ll get that tomorrow.

Something else we didn’t get to was trying out a pinhole in order to view things up close:

Tomorrow we discuss diagrams and what is happening. Why does the image change? Why is it inverted and flipped? What’s up with multiple pinholes. Should be good. some of these kids have been waiting 4 years to figure out how these things really work.


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