Day 5

Physical Science: With our continued look into what science is all about, students today took to Edmodo to think about Science and Technology, and how it gets done. They were put into small groups on Edmodo and had to respond to questions like: Who pays for scientific research, or Do social issues have any influence on scientific research or the development of technology?

It’s always interesting to see what their impressions are of how science is done in the real world.

Chemistry: We started the Mass and Change lab on Friday, and today students worked on the remaining 5 parts of lab. Some students were confused by the results of melting an ice cube. Some groups saw that when the ice cube melted, the mass of the ice cube increased. They did not expect this. I wonder if they noticed any condensation on the glass…

AP Chemistry: We started Chapter 2 today. Nothing real exciting, just looked at classifying matter, and how it is depicted in particle diagrams. They are watching some video notes on Law of Definite and Multiple Proportions.

After just one chapter of “flipping” the class, I did not see a real difference between instructional techniques. Then again, the students are still trying to settle into such an advanced class. Time will only tell.

If anyone reading this has suggestions on how to create a great flipped class learning environment, I’d love to hear some suggestions.

Random meme for Chemistry:

I wonder if Schrodinger’s cat is also a liquid, and if it changes states if observed?

Physics of Light: We looked at some shadows and then brainstormed a list of tests we can do to answer our purpose: What variables affect the size or shape of a shadow? We brainstormed a list of 9 items, and then narrowed it down to what we could investigate and should investigate.

We ended up with: distance of light source to object, distance of object to screen, alignment of light/object/screen system, and size of object. 4 tests, 4 groups, 1 test/group.

We did think about seeing how intensifying the gravity field and bending light would affect shadows, but a visiting administrator said their wasn’t money in the budget to let us build something to investigate that one.

I was hoping to get some pictures of the lab tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.






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