Day 5, pt.2, “What is Science?”

Every once in a while I have kids do a quick write at the start of the hour to see what they learned or remembered from the previous class or week. Today we did our first one in Physical Science (all freshmen.)

Today’s quick write was: What is Science?

They were not allowed to use the textbook (SNORE) definition which is, the study of the natural world.

There were a lot of answers that said:

– It’s the study of everything.

– It can be physical, life, earth or space science (we talked about the area of study in science).

-Study of life, animals, plants, forces, energy, rocks, stars, space, planets, motion, or anything else you could learn about.

Here are some of the ones that stood apart from those responses:

“Science is the study of something to see what it does, or what it is, or find facts about it. You study until you have somewhat of an answer or you don’t. Science is finding out what we don’t know.”

“Science is the study of how things work, live, interact, and react with each other.”

“Science is the study of things that happen. You try to look for patterns and create theories.”

“I believe science is the observation of the world around us. It investigates any questions we might have and forms new theories, laws, or a lot of times more questions about the world we live in.”

“Science is the observations of things around us making theories based on those observations. If these theories are tested repeatedly giving consistent results, they are known as fact.”

“Science is the observation of events. Then with the observations you’ve made you take them and make a law or a theory. Not every observation is correct, but it still counts and can be helpful.”

“Science studies things like patterns in the world, and it helps us try to understand how things work and why. We use science to explain and discover new things we didn’t know a lot about in our world. Science helps give us knowledge to make things too.”



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