Day 2, 9-3-2014

Today was a little more interesting. No pics to share (forgot to get them), but I do have some links and resources.

Physical Science: Today we started class by doing a Close Reading assignment. District wide one of our main focuses is on literacy, so of course I am working on content area literacy. 

I found a great resource for Close Reading and Text Dependent Questions from the Boston Public Schools. You can also find it here.

We started working on the Close Reading Exemplar, which is titled “The Making of a Scientist,” by Richard Feynman. You can find my edited version used in class here

Chemistry: We took a concept inventory today, which will be used to assess each students normalized gain at the end of the year.

AP Chemistry: Day 2 of trying to flip my class was under way. Students all came in with the required notes, and then worked on homework. As the homework pertained to physical/chemical changes and some basic measurement type stuff, there was not a lot of talking, mainly just quiet work.

Physics of Light: In small groups we discussed Richard Feynman’s Introduction to “The Feynman Lectures,” in which he talks about scientific investigation, what laws are really about, the need for imagination, and also understanding that the world is much to complex to know the truth right away. I shared this with students because I wanted them to understand that as we begin modeling the behavior of light, our understanding will grow more and more complex, but ultimately might not be 100 percent accurate. They must prepare themselves for the inevitable conflict to all they have learned.

Here is a link to Feynman’s Introduction.



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