Diverging Mirrors and Cylinder Art

A fun activity you can do with your physics class, is an activity called cylinder art. Cylinder art is based on the idea that a diverging mirror surface distorts a “square object,” but that if the object is distorted to match the curvature of the surface, it will look like the object proper.

We just finished modeling all types of mirrors and to take a break before testing out over mirrors and the Particle Model of Light, we took the time to have some fun with this neat concept.

Some of the drawings include the Wisconsin Badger logo, The UW Band logo, a rocket, a vase in a living room, a smiley, and a block guy.





“We’re not artists,” was the overwhelming opinion when the students arrived. My kids are the top STEM kids in the school, none of them having had art since middle school. By the end of the hour, they were asking for more sheets, to make some extra drawings for class tomorrow.




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